Search for a Maid of Honour

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So as people already know… not that anyone reads this thing. I’m Jen. I’m a student. I’m engaged. It’s now 2011 I’m getting married in 2012. you know what the scariest thing about that is… I don’t have a Maid of Honour (MOH). It’s scary and depressing. My fiance is my best friend of all time (we’ve been together since I was in the 10th gr.) and he managed to get himself a couple best friends… but me.. nope.

I’m a nice person I promise! I just have a) a short attention span and b) little patience for drama. when someone starts acting like a high school student I give up. has this lost me possible best friends.. probably, but most of the time I’m okay with that.

Not having a best friend can be compared to not being in love. you start to notice that EVERYONE around you has a best friend.. and it SUCKS. You know when you watch all those movies where “the girls” go out.. or they can always call their best friend? ya I lack that… and again I’m BEYOND THRILLED that I’m marrying my Best Friend in the entire world.. but it’s sad that I won’t have a female best friend to stand up there and celebrate the day with me.

So over the next few months I’m going to be trying to find someone who I can entrust with the responsibility of helping me plan one of the most important days of my life.

wish me luck, if I remember I will update this blog with how it’s going.

P.s. Don’t get me wrong I have friends… a normal amount of them who are amazing and awesome… but no one who I just call to chat, or that wouldn’t be CRAZY shocked to have me ask them to be my MOH.

let me know if you have any suggestions on the topic! it’s rather stressful!

thnx for reading




Me day!

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So yesterday I had a migraine. Which I am an unfortunate sufferer of. I knew I would still have it today so I planned ahead for a day home. Finished my homework and sent it to my teachers, crawled back into bed and prepared for a long night.

I was luckily able to fall asleep in decent time, and when I woke up the migraine had downgraded to headache. But it was already 930 so I had slept too far into my first class and had no ride. SO I decided to spend the day at home anyways!!

I cleaned the kitchen, tidied the apartment, did some homework and then I got to GO FOR A BATH! 🙂 It was my last bath bomb and it was wonderful! It turned out to be filled with sparkles.









I was able to start my new book Next and I’m definitely enjoying it!

Later on in the day I was able to head over to my sisters to hold my new baby nephew 🙂









So overall I had a pretty great day! My headache is all gone and I’m slowly getting ready for the week ahead.

I’m slowly getting back to blogging, it’s been awhile!!

Thanks for reading!



Pumpkin Recipes

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I have officially fallen in love with 2 fall recipes

1 for a pumpkin spice latte that rivals the Starbucks addition

I used 5% cream instead of half and half and I put foam on top instead of whip cream!

the other for pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese filling 🙂

I promise these recipes do not disapoint!

here I go again

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So I lasted an entire summer + semester… but I’m going back to school in January. My degree has gotten me nowhere (big sur-freakin-prise). I’ve tried since last april to get some form of office job in order to get enough experience to.. well do anything. Instead I landed a God AWFUL job at a jeans store where I actually had to quit because the boss was so immature. And now I’m at M&M and it’s a good job. The only thing is, as a University Graduate I’m not supposed to work a job I could have gotten in high school… right?

well anyways.. now I’ve come up with a decent back up plan, doing something I have thought about for a long time, and something I have been told I’m perfect at. Working with kids. I’m taking part time courses at college starting in January while still working and volunteering in classes.

Yay for 3 yrs of university that got me no where.

P.s. I want snow.. work on that.


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So I have finally gotten a MacBook. I’ve wanted one for so long, and now that my university laptop died out my wonderful fiance fulfilled my dream. Odd to consider a new computer a dream, but as someone who is interested in art, creativity and design, it is definitely an asset.

As I transfer CD after CD into my new ITunes, so I can load them onto my new Ipod Touch, I think about whether or not this will be the tool that gives me the confidence to find my dream job… if only I can figure out what that is.

Now I’m off to watch Glee……

It’s a long shot, but I say why not?

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So I came back, rare but true. I often start these blogs and then forget and never return to the same one more then 6 times but here we are almost 2 months late and I’m on post #7, impressed? you should be.

Maybe my lack of interest in writing is due to peoples lack of interest in reading. As much as I enjoy things like blogs, facebook and twitter if no one is reading or responding does it even matter that you’re writing? goes back to the the old saying; if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound?
hopefully I’ll this blog will help me find out.

Update on my life. Job search still miserable. I switched retail jobs and went from selling overpriced jeans to selling food. The job is much more enjoyable and stress free which is needed in a world where applying for jobs is stressful enough. How many times can people really ignore my resume? No I have never worked in an office, that doesn’t make me incapable of answering phones.

Goal: Make more connections with people that can get me jobs where I make more $$

Another update, Boyfriend has become fiance! After 6yrs and about 4 seasons worth of soap opera drama we are actually engaged! And thrilled about it, of course;) Wedding date still in the far future but now have permission to buy wedding mags without looking like a crazy!

Goal #1: lose weight by wedding
Goal  #2: find designer dress ON SALE

What else…
Saw the high school friends a couple weeks back (love them!) amazing and heart breaking all at the same time. They all really know where they are going and what they are doing with themselves, I’m jealous and yet so happy for them! (&hearts)

Newest Career Goal: Start event planning business!
lots of steps to go through first, like working with an event planning business, which involves getting hired. Cold calling here I come…

Cottage in 25 days (stressssed!)
21st bday in 46 days

Stoked that 2 major goals have been met by my 21st:
Graduated University
Engaged! (is it bad this was a goal? lol)

That’s all for today there will be more ramblings tomorrow I guarantee. If I had better quality internet (and was less judgmental of my face) I would do a video blog… as this is not the case I will continue in the ways of the past.

Have fun;) &hearts


MTV awards

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So I FINALLY got to see the MTV awards  tonight (or as I have seen it called the “twilight awards” which is considerably more appropriate.)  I loved them! The bruno falling on Eminem seen was as wonderful as expected, it helps that I don’t like eminem, and feel as though he is waaay too full of himself for the has been that he is. (sorry about the quick rant) But I felt he fully deserved bruno’s a$$ in his face! I didn’t enjoy that while he was hanging upside down he presented an award… it made it rather awkward.

As ashamed as I am to admit it I do enjoy Miley Cyrus’ song Climb, and I’m glad it won the award! but wow that girl is ANNOYING!!! She seems like that kid in middle school that thinks that they are everybody’s friend… but really everyone talks about them when they aren’t around (I know this because I was that kid…) her shout out… or SCREAM out to Andy was a bit much, and a tad awkward as well.

I ❤ Twilight forever and ever lol but wow the stars do not present themselves well on stage. Kristen seems to be afraid of public speaking while Rob Pattinson was too full of himself too even thank his co-star straight out lol, but I don’t think this would have surprised anyone… they are they’re characters…. but it was unfortunate that Stef Meyer never got the chance to go on stage considering it was her creation…

I was thrilled that Ben Stiller won the generation award… but the intro was  INTENSE.. and a little long. I don’t understand why Triumph was there… but I don’t watch MTV so maybe other people did…. and the crack about no one he’s ever been in a movie with being at the awards was strange because we saw Cameron Diaz like 50 times.

So that was my overall take. To conclude it was funny, awkward and apparently deserved way too many ellipses in the explanation!

Have a good night all:)