Ur So Not Right

Can someone please explain to me what any person would be thinking about when creating a song like this?

First of all any idiot who uses abbreviations for your or you’re knows that Ur does not mean you are, and WHY were abbreviations necessary? It’s a song not a text message, you’re* not being clever.

Second of all what does GAY have to do with the fact that this boy (or ken doll) doesn’t like you (or your* Barbie)

Thirdly the Barbie dolls, the background, all of it… if you don’t have enough money to make a good video don’t make one, because the creativity you are attempting to express is really not working in your favor.

I’ve added a link to the lyrics below so that people who can not stand the lack of talent can read the “witty” lines present in this oh so “entertaining” song.

*Please notice my correct use of the words YOUR and YOU’RE



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