OC Transpo

Three years I have been living in Ottawa and really only relying on the transit system for 2. That’s not a full 2 years because of the wonderfully inconvenient strike last winter. I would like to preface this by saying my following comments to not apply to all OC transpo drivers, some are genuinely nice people who work hard and have to deal with some pretty horrible people who ride their buses.

Unfortunately there are bus driver’s who are so bitter about their jobs that they treat people who are paying to ride the bus like complete crap.

I have been personally yelled at by a bus driver who tried to drive away from Hurdman station while a woman’s purse was stuck in the back doors, while she was on the outside of the bus attached to the purse and chasing it. The entire bus yelled at the bus driver to stop the bus, and he then proceeded to yell back that maybe the person should have had enough time to get on the bus and it was her own fault.

Today at the Metcalfe stop the 85 stopped for a total of 30 seconds, an old woman was trying to get to the front doors and the driver started to pull away the woman tapped on the bus, probably thinking he didn’t see her, as it was her RIGHT to board the bus, but he turned looked at he and drove away. This is rude and disrespectful.

I may be too young, not yet jaded, and someone of an idealist when I say this but if your job makes you that unhappy maybe it’s time to find a new one, especially when you work in the customer service industry, because I promise you if you don’t want to be there we don’t want you there.

Thank you. That is all.

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