Graduated… so now what?

Technically I graduate on June 12th.09, but I have received my final grades and because I passed all of my classes I have officially been graduated since I finished my last exam: April 30th.09.

What does this mean?

I don’t HAVE to attend school in September, unless I choose to go onto college. (Which I can’t do because I can’t afford to, thanks to being in debt from getting my degree)

I’m supposed to have moved on to a “real” job where I would be somehow advancing my career. (But because I don’t know what I want my career to be, or anyone who can get me a job in an office this is difficult…)

I have found a full time job…. working retail getting paid minimum wage and selling clothing that I will only be able to afford because of my discount. (But I get a discount so that’s a bright side right? a discount.. to buy clothing I HAVE to wear at work anyways…)

So in conclusion I have graduated and will be working with high school students in a retail job all summer, as opposed to “launching my career” and somewhere along the way I am supposed to figure out what career I want.

Final thought, when they are making a movie about what I am going through it shows I’m not alone… but I’m banking that at the end of the movie the main character, played by Alexis Bledel, gets a pretty decent job, and lives happily ever after. There is also something about her getting the guy and that making everything better, I’ve got news for ya I’ve got “The Guy” and that doesn’t help me figure out any career goals… postgrad


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