I Love You, Beth Cooper

I bought, started and finished this wonderful book by Larry Doyle today. I won’t lie I was largely drawn to it because of the movie commercials and the fact that Hayden P. is on the cover (as she is one of my favorite young Hollywoodians) I only knew the basis of the story because of the commercials but I was wondering through chapters and decided to give it a go. Needless to say I couldn’t put it down.

The plot is, as Doyle points out in the preface, everything that anyone has ever seen in a teen movie… with more gore, nudity and violence added to finish it off perfectly. The whole story was entertaining and I actually laughed out loud a few times, which rarely happens when I’m reading (in fear that the people around me will think I’m crazy) but with this book I couldn’t help it.

The characters are people you imagine from your own high school, the three popular girls, one being REALLY stupid and easy, another being smarter then she seems who has real dreams and just wanted to survive and fit in through high school. And the leader, who everyone thinks is nice and pretty and perfect, but turns out to be a snotty, full of herself cigarette toting dirt bag.
There’s the nerd who will eventually become superior to the others when he grows out of his awkward stage, and his gay best friend who refuses to admit he is gay.
The eater, the anorexic, the bully all of these notable high school characters make cameos through out the story.

It’s everything you would expect from a light summer read, no real emotion and a lot of laughs.
I definitely suggest reading it, and read it before the  movie!!! It’s probably better anyways:)!

I give this book 4/5 diamonds, it delivered everything that was expected, no more… but no less!


Actual Book Cover


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