MTV awards

So I FINALLY got to see the MTV awards  tonight (or as I have seen it called the “twilight awards” which is considerably more appropriate.)  I loved them! The bruno falling on Eminem seen was as wonderful as expected, it helps that I don’t like eminem, and feel as though he is waaay too full of himself for the has been that he is. (sorry about the quick rant) But I felt he fully deserved bruno’s a$$ in his face! I didn’t enjoy that while he was hanging upside down he presented an award… it made it rather awkward.

As ashamed as I am to admit it I do enjoy Miley Cyrus’ song Climb, and I’m glad it won the award! but wow that girl is ANNOYING!!! She seems like that kid in middle school that thinks that they are everybody’s friend… but really everyone talks about them when they aren’t around (I know this because I was that kid…) her shout out… or SCREAM out to Andy was a bit much, and a tad awkward as well.

I ❤ Twilight forever and ever lol but wow the stars do not present themselves well on stage. Kristen seems to be afraid of public speaking while Rob Pattinson was too full of himself too even thank his co-star straight out lol, but I don’t think this would have surprised anyone… they are they’re characters…. but it was unfortunate that Stef Meyer never got the chance to go on stage considering it was her creation…

I was thrilled that Ben Stiller won the generation award… but the intro was  INTENSE.. and a little long. I don’t understand why Triumph was there… but I don’t watch MTV so maybe other people did…. and the crack about no one he’s ever been in a movie with being at the awards was strange because we saw Cameron Diaz like 50 times.

So that was my overall take. To conclude it was funny, awkward and apparently deserved way too many ellipses in the explanation!

Have a good night all:)



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