It’s a long shot, but I say why not?

So I came back, rare but true. I often start these blogs and then forget and never return to the same one more then 6 times but here we are almost 2 months late and I’m on post #7, impressed? you should be.

Maybe my lack of interest in writing is due to peoples lack of interest in reading. As much as I enjoy things like blogs, facebook and twitter if no one is reading or responding does it even matter that you’re writing? goes back to the the old saying; if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound?
hopefully I’ll this blog will help me find out.

Update on my life. Job search still miserable. I switched retail jobs and went from selling overpriced jeans to selling food. The job is much more enjoyable and stress free which is needed in a world where applying for jobs is stressful enough. How many times can people really ignore my resume? No I have never worked in an office, that doesn’t make me incapable of answering phones.

Goal: Make more connections with people that can get me jobs where I make more $$

Another update, Boyfriend has become fiance! After 6yrs and about 4 seasons worth of soap opera drama we are actually engaged! And thrilled about it, of course;) Wedding date still in the far future but now have permission to buy wedding mags without looking like a crazy!

Goal #1: lose weight by wedding
Goal  #2: find designer dress ON SALE

What else…
Saw the high school friends a couple weeks back (love them!) amazing and heart breaking all at the same time. They all really know where they are going and what they are doing with themselves, I’m jealous and yet so happy for them! (&hearts)

Newest Career Goal: Start event planning business!
lots of steps to go through first, like working with an event planning business, which involves getting hired. Cold calling here I come…

Cottage in 25 days (stressssed!)
21st bday in 46 days

Stoked that 2 major goals have been met by my 21st:
Graduated University
Engaged! (is it bad this was a goal? lol)

That’s all for today there will be more ramblings tomorrow I guarantee. If I had better quality internet (and was less judgmental of my face) I would do a video blog… as this is not the case I will continue in the ways of the past.

Have fun;) &hearts



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