Me day!

So yesterday I had a migraine. Which I am an unfortunate sufferer of. I knew I would still have it today so I planned ahead for a day home. Finished my homework and sent it to my teachers, crawled back into bed and prepared for a long night.

I was luckily able to fall asleep in decent time, and when I woke up the migraine had downgraded to headache. But it was already 930 so I had slept too far into my first class and had no ride. SO I decided to spend the day at home anyways!!

I cleaned the kitchen, tidied the apartment, did some homework and then I got to GO FOR A BATH! 🙂 It was my last bath bomb and it was wonderful! It turned out to be filled with sparkles.









I was able to start my new book Next and I’m definitely enjoying it!

Later on in the day I was able to head over to my sisters to hold my new baby nephew 🙂









So overall I had a pretty great day! My headache is all gone and I’m slowly getting ready for the week ahead.

I’m slowly getting back to blogging, it’s been awhile!!

Thanks for reading!




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