Search for a Maid of Honour


So as people already know… not that anyone reads this thing. I’m Jen. I’m a student. I’m engaged. It’s now 2011 I’m getting married in 2012. you know what the scariest thing about that is… I don’t have a Maid of Honour (MOH). It’s scary and depressing. My fiance is my best friend of all time (we’ve been together since I was in the 10th gr.) and he managed to get himself a couple best friends… but me.. nope.

I’m a nice person I promise! I just have a) a short attention span and b) little patience for drama. when someone starts acting like a high school student I give up. has this lost me possible best friends.. probably, but most of the time I’m okay with that.

Not having a best friend can be compared to not being in love. you start to notice that EVERYONE around you has a best friend.. and it SUCKS. You know when you watch all those movies where “the girls” go out.. or they can always call their best friend? ya I lack that… and again I’m BEYOND THRILLED that I’m marrying my Best Friend in the entire world.. but it’s sad that I won’t have a female best friend to stand up there and celebrate the day with me.

So over the next few months I’m going to be trying to find someone who I can entrust with the responsibility of helping me plan one of the most important days of my life.

wish me luck, if I remember I will update this blog with how it’s going.

P.s. Don’t get me wrong I have friends… a normal amount of them who are amazing and awesome… but no one who I just call to chat, or that wouldn’t be CRAZY shocked to have me ask them to be my MOH.

let me know if you have any suggestions on the topic! it’s rather stressful!

thnx for reading




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